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The most common problems I come across can be fixed for free with a little research.

Your PC is slow

- Check the amount of RAM (physical memory) being used (right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager) if in the Performance tab the physical memory is more than 60% used, consider stopping some of your programmes from starting up with Windows (Like Skype or Messenger).  

Adding extra RAM isn't too expensive, usually less than £30.

One of the biggest boosts you can give to a system (once there's enough RAM) is to replace your old mechanical hard drive with a Solid State Drive.  SSD's cost about 50p per GB and give you a noticeable quickening, reduce energy useage and noise.

Your computer has a virus

- Never pay a company over the telephone to fix a virus (they're usually overcharging and there's a risk they are scam merchants).  It shouldn't cost much more than £35.  If you have access to the internet, download the free Malwarebytes programme and run a scan.  If you've got a more serious virus try not to use the computer too much and contact me.

Try starting the computer in safe mode (pre Windows 8 press F8 repeatedly during boot up and choose Safe mode with networking; in Windows 8 use Settings to start in Safe Mode).  That sometimes allows you to run Malwarebytes when it's otherwise blocked.

Laptop is broken

- If you've an obvious cracked screen, that could cost around £75 to replace.  If the screen is blank but the lights for hard drive are indicating life, try connecting a monitor using the vga port.  If you can see a picture, you may just have a blown inverter or loose cable, costing under £25 to fix.

If the computer is beeping, go to the manufacturer's site and see if the number of beeps corresponds to a known fault.

You have a problem you can’t cure or want an upgrade like Windows 8 or 10.

Talk to me - I will give a fixed price quote. 

Like to use Ebay to buy or sell online?

Like to have a basic website with a shared calendar and your own email address?

Want to go wireless or want to improve your poor connection?

Want to do more with your iPAD or Tablet?

Satisfaction guaranteed - no fix, no fee.

Available at your convenience - evenings and weekends not a problem.

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